• Born in Mexico City, I come from a family where Art has always been present. My great, great, great grandfather was a Celebrated Portrait Artist and so is my mother, from her my brother and five sisters learned to paint and followed her artistic profession.
  • You could say I was borne with brushes in my hand and early in my younger years was able to demonstrate my creative talent and sell my creations, being watercolor the technique I have always preferred.
  • At age 25 I became a member of the Mexico Watercolor Society and been an active member ever since, participating in numerous expositions Nationally and Internationally and winning several prizes in process. My talent is accentuated by a strict discipline and exploration of my creative process, capturing imaginary worlds I call "Magic Realism".

"I Believe art elevates us to a
superior level of what is
merely natural"

  • I'm passionate and Love my work I balance with the Love to my Family, my husband Guillermo and three talented daughters, Ana Alejandra and Alicia, wonderful artists themselves from who I received unconditional support and punctual creative reviews. I enjoy teaching others and share my knowledge with pupils in my studio and volunteering my time at a Local Community Center.
  • My watercolor paintings have been admired by many in Solo and Group Exhibitions and have received Positive Comments, Honorable Mentions and Valuable Prizes.