• Painting has always been my lifetime passion and profession. My mom’s studio is was my art school, as I learned almost everything I know from watching her paint. Besides oil and watercolor painting, with her, I learned some of the most important principles of composition.
  • For many years, watercolor was my favorite technique, until I discovered the magic and wonders hidden in oil painting. This allowed me to increase the size of my pieces, which I then applied to my watercolor technique by using paper rolls or painting directly on canvas.
  • I truly enjoy and love every step of my work, I have so much fun painting. I’ve been molding my style throughout the years, by studying other artists or searching for and experimenting with new techniques, new materials, and new colors. I’ve never stopped trying new things and learning along the process.
  • My theme has always been the human being, by itself or interacting with nature. I paint the unexpected, the surprising, the imaginary, the dream-like. I love to place my characters in abstract worlds, made up of lines, scribbles, color stains, numbers, and fast strokes, representing the hectic world we live in.

“My Technique is
never stop evolving”

With my art I’d like to invite and encourage everyone to think about what we want to make of this world. Do we want to live in a beautiful place where humankind lives in harmony with nature? Or, in a grey emptiness, where we are just things in a dehumanized void?
  • water
  • oil
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